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Daily Refresh Blend / Light roast

Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters


【from Barista】

Feel refreshed and chilled at the same time!

Hmm? It's all in there! YUM! Oh, yum!

Make a quick brew with the Clever Dripper and enjoy


【from Roaster】

Freshness is important not only for the taste but also for the appearance.

Anyway, I combined 2 refreshed coffees with the image of a couple dating in a large, wide park who are enjoying sunbathing.


Cupping comment

bright, refreshing flavor of lemon and grapefruit

tartness of juicy white peach

③clear sweetness of La France

lemon、grapefruit、white peach、la france


A light mouth feel that you can wake up in the morning and start a bright day.

The refreshing aroma like lime and the sour taste of lemon spread all over your mouth, making you feel refreshed and crisp.

Beans that go well with breakfasts such as toast and croissants and want to keep stocked as a refreshing daily coffee. 


Recommended brewing method

EspressoMelittaCold brew


※In the case of 500g, it will be delivered in 5 bags of 100g.

 In the case of 1000g, it will be delivered in 5 bags of 200g



Origin Tanzania Moringa, Ethiopia Aramo

Roast Level 2 Light roast