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【Kissa limited】Ethiopia Gesha Village CHAKA

Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters



Roast Level 1 Light roast

Aftertaste】 4

Sweetness】 5

Flavor】 5

hibiscuslemon grassstrawberrymangohoney


Location Benchi Maji

Farm Gesha Village CHAKA

Elevation1909-2069 m 

Varieties】 Gori Gesha 2011Gesha 1931Illubabor Forest 1974

Processing】 Washed


Cupping comment

①Flower scent of hibiscus that refreshes

② Complex flavor of lemongrass and strawberry

③ Thick lingering finish like mango and honey


The floral flavor unique to  Geisha has a great impact.

The sourness of the hibiscus flavor, lemongrass and strawberry is standout.

In the second half, the sweetness of ripe mango and honey lasts for a long time.

“CHAKA” is a special lot that has been carefully selected and blended with beans with a special flavor from the eight sections of Gesha Village Farm, whose vision is to produce the world's best coffee since 2011.

Savor the world's best coffee.


Recommended brewing method

EspressoV60Aero pressKinto