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Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters



Roast Level 1 Light roast

Aftertaste】 4

Sweetness】 5

Flavor】 5



Location Kirinyaga

Farm Kegwa

Elevation 1504m 

Varieties】  SL28,SL34,Batian,Ruiru11



Cupping comment

① Gorgeous like a cassis

② Juicy acidity like grape and pineapple

③ Sweetness that makes you feel like licking candy


The first impact is the gorgeousness of the cassis that spreads out.

The reverberation of the sweetness that coffee rolls like a candy in the mouth with a sense of biting sourness and sweetness like ripe grapes.

There are grades of Kenyan coffee, AA, AB, C, E, and below, but I tried both Kegua AA and AB.

AA is a higher quality grade, but AB was chosen this time.

It is a bean that has a very complex taste and that is changing and interesting in the mouth. LCR-flavored beans like Kenya.

Please enjoy it.


 Recommend brewing method

EspressoV60American pressCold brew


【from Barista】

The over too delicious acidity sparks out to make you energetic!

When you want to gain power, don’t hesitate to try this Kenyan!


【from Roaster】

Energetic as a young boy running on the beach on a summer day, the bean goes to excess easily if we don’t control it well.

To fully develop its advantages, I focus on handling some key points when roasting it.