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GUATEMALA El Injerto Yellow Nance

Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters



Roast Level 3 medium roast

Aftertaste】 3

Sweetness】 4

Flavor】 4

apricottangerinecitricla france


Location Huehuetenango

Farm El Injerto 

Elevation 1500-2000m

Varieties】  Yellow Caturra,Yellow Catuai

Processing】  Washed


Cupping comment

① Juicy and juicy apricot and mandarin fruit

② Refreshing sweetness like pear

③ Smooth and comfortable mouthfeel and long sweet finish

The refreshing apricot and mandarin fruit taste is pleasant and the juicy fruit feel spreads throughout your mouth. The sweetness of pear pears is characteristic and clean, so you will want to drink every day.

Inhert plantation coffee is a very popular bean that has been handled many times by LCR and is of course high quality. Yellow nonce is a bean named after blending yellow catura and yellow catuai. Because it is the plantation in Guatemala that is most focused on equipment and staff, it is possible to maintain stable and high quality every year.

Please enjoy the beans from Inherto Farm with a sense of security.


Recommended brewing method

EspressoV60Aero pressCold brew


【from Barista】

Juicy and good body, well-balanced coffee!

Imagine a sunny day standing on the balcony.

Take a breath, you will feel this is just what you want!


【from Roaster】

An image that looks cool with great athleticism and seems to be welcomed.

I think a straightforward expression would be enough to make it popular.