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ETHIOPIA Aramo Natural Light

Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters


【from Barista】

Impressive berry flavor and juicy cup!

Though easy to enjoy just as black,

you can also add some syrup to make it a cup of juice!


【from Roaster】

Wearing a charming and cheerful smile, what a lovely coffee it is!

I believe the best way to make it attractive is just to express the charm as it is.


Cupping comment

① Refreshing strawberry flavor

② Cranberry juicy sweet and sour

③ Sweetness of thick syrup


The sweet and sour taste of strawberry and cranberry with high maturity is the first impact.

Beans with a pleasant sweetness of various berry flavors and clear syrup as you drink.

A thorough selection of cherries suitable for Ethiopia's highest rank G1. Please enjoy the rich sweetness.


Recommended brewing method

EspressoV60Aero pressCold brew



♦︎キョウスケのおすすめレシピ②:【Clever Dripperで透過と浸漬を使い分ける】



Roast Level 1 Light roast

Aftertaste】 4

Sweetness】 5

Flavor】 4



Location Yirgacheffe  Aramo

Farm Various small farmers 

Elevation 1920-2020m 

Varieties】  Heirloom

Processing】  Natural