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INDIA Malabar

Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters



Roast Level 5 Dark roast

Aftertaste】 3

Sweetness】 3

Flavor】 5



Location India southwest Malabar 


Elevation 1350m-1450m  

Varieties】 Typica,Kent

Processing】  Monsooned


Cupping comment

 The scent of soybeans and almonds.

② Sweetness and richness of cacao with a profound feeling

③ faint nuances of herbs


Beans with a unique flavor due to the production process peculiar to India exposed to the monsoon.

Feeling the scent of almonds and soybeans, the massiveness, cacao bitterness and faint nuances of herbs.

The deepest roasted beans in the LCR lineup, with excellent compatibility with milk and sweet cookies.

It is a bean that you should definitely recommend when you want to have a cup of coffee.


Recommended brewing method

EspressoV60MelittaCold brew


【from Barista】

The deepest aroma, and the heaviest body among our dark roasts,

which you can never stop once you get into it.

A good partner when to make a last effort!


【from Roaster】

A strong image that no one can win, speaks in a unique way.

However, no one can reject this distinct character and everybody gradually gets addicted to it.