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【Subscription】Daily Refresh Blend / Light roast

Designer: LiLoCoffeeRoasters


[Country of origin] Tanzania, Ethiopia

[Roast degree] 1 Light roast

Lemon, lime, green tea, light yogurt



 ① Refreshing lime and lemon flavor

 ② Complex taste similar to green tea

 ③ Acidity and a yogurty freshness


A light mouth feel for waking up in the morning and starting a bright day.

 The refreshing aroma of lime and the sour taste of lemon spread all over your mouth, making you feel refreshed and crisp.

 As you continue to drink, the complex tastes of green tea come out and the after-taste is similar to a lick of light yogurt.

 These beans that go well with breakfasts such as toast and croissants so you’ll want to keep it stocked as a refreshing daily coffee.


 [Recommended extractor]

 Melitta/ espresso/ cold brew


In the box:

 [500g course (100gx5)]

 500g coffee beans (about 34 cups)

 40 sheets of Melitta paper


 [1000g course (200gx5)]

 1000g coffee beans (about 67 cups)

 2 boxes with 40 sheets of Melitta paper


 Benefits of subscription

 ・ After roasting, it will be shipped within 48 hours without fail, so you will receive fresh beans.

 ・ Automatic credit card payment eliminates the need for monthly purchase procedures.

 ・Free shipping in Japan. (Excluding some remote islands)

 ・ When ordering for the first time, you will receive a Lilo original Melitta dripper and paper.

 ・ For continuous delivery, 40 sheets of Melitta paper are included, so you can drink delicious coffee from the day of delivery.


Subscriptions Shipping schedule

First delivery

Purchased by 23:59 on the 20th of the month

After the purchase, that months coffee will be shipped on the same day or the next day.


Purchase between the 21st-31st of the month

Since the contract will start from the next month, we will ship it to you at the beginning of the next month, so please look forward to it.


Second and subsequent deliveries

On the last week of every month, the next month's beans are roasted and shipped.

At the beginning of the month, fresh beans will arrive!


 Depending on the country, delivery may take 1-2 business days for domestic delivery and from 3-10 days for countries outside of japan.


Please note.

We strive to ship within 2 days of roasting.


 payment schedule

 The first payment will be made at the time of purchase.

From the second time onwards, on the 25th, payment for the following month will be automatically debited through the specified card.



Initial purchase from 1/1 to 1/20 →

Initial purchase: January beans sent in 2-3 days. (Card payment at the time of purchase)

Februarys beans will be delivered to you at the beginning of February. (Card withdrawal to 1/25)


 Initial purchase from 1/21 to 1/31 →

Februarys beans will be delivered to you at the beginning of february. (Card payment at the time of purchase)

Marchs beans will be delivered to you at the beginning of March. (Card withdrawal on 2/25)


 Frequently Asked Questions

Q, Can I change my plan?

A, Yes, email us at  and we can adjust your plan.


 Q, Can I change the delivery address?

A, Contact ! It will be changed from the next month's delivery.


 Q, Can I temporarily cancel my subscription?

Yes! If you wish to suspend your subscription, please let us know by 21st. We will stop shipping the next month. You can also resume the plan at your preferred timing. (Please contact us when resuming)