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PANAMA GEISHA La Esmeralda Private Collection

Speaking of Geisha variety,
it has become quite well known as a high quality premium coffee in the specialty coffee industry nowadays.
Even within the same Geisha species,
cup qualities vary drastically
according to the differences of climate and soil environment, elevation, timing of flowering and harvest, and production processing each year.
It is because of
Esmeralda Panama that Geisha variety was able to be well known around the world.
It is Esmeralda, who caused a Geisha stir in the specialty coffee world.
So unique and special the lot is.
The percentage of specialty coffee in total coffee is about 5%.
Less than 1% of coffees are called top-of-the-top.
Among those top-of-the-top, the percentage of Geisha varieties is furtherly narrowed down to a few percent,
the proportion of the brand Esmeralda of Panama among its top-of-the-top Geisha
is only a few percent.
Among all the Panama Esmeralda Geisha lots,
this private collection lot
is even more special
and valuable which is so carefully selected
and with so many people involved.
We roast these ultra-precious beans in the best possible roasting environment with the latest equipment.
Also we would like our customers to enjoy them in their best conditions,
thus the pre-order system.
Come on, to enjoy a new form of LiLo,
Esmeralda Geisha